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Community Justice Center

The Community Justice Center is an innovative legal services non-profit based in Trenton, serving the low-income/homeless disabled, and returning disabled veterans and their families, primarily within Central New Jersey. We opened our doors to the public in March of 2009; it was the first of its kind in New Jersey, able to represent low-income disabled veterans before both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Social Security Administration. The Community Justice Center is transforming lives—not merely by providing legal assistance, but by providing something far more priceless: hope.

The Community Justice Center recognizes that, as the legal arm, it is just one piece to the puzzle. Through collaboration with community organizers and consumer advocates, civil rights activists, veterans, and other experts, the Community Justice Center endeavors to bring together diverse disciplines and unite them in its mission of Encouraging the Empowerment, Resiliency, and Rights of Those Struggling with Disabilities.

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  • Veterans Assistance Project
  • Community Outreach
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Last Updated: 10/18/23