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We provide a wide range of information about support, resources, and services for families in Mercer County, New Jersey.

Mercer ResourceNet is sponsored by Capitol County Children's Collaborative.

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Families can find specific recreational activities, health providers, support groups, and events in your area. If you are a resident of Mercer County, NJ, please subscribe to our Monthly Events and News.
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Health Providers and Community Organizations are able to list their community and health resources, hotlines, support groups, and events. Do you provide services in Mercer County?

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Bilingual Family Consultants

Bilingual Family Consultants provides specialized treatment services for at risk youth and families.

DOC Octavius Mental Health Services, LLC

Our mission is to provide mental health counseling that focuses on treating individuals with courtesy, honesty, and respect, where the maintenance of one's dignity is a priority.

MindWell Behavioral Health

MindWell Behavioral Health is an outpatient facility to serves individuals, couples, and families affected by mental illness. At Mindwell Behavioral Health we build our services around the client and the community to: -reduce isolation; -increase positive support; and -improve the quality of life

Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiver Support Group

This caregiver support group allows members to freely express and process challenges, frustrations, emotions, successes, and failures directly related to caring for someone living with Alzheimer's or a related dementia. A brief educational segment will be offered at each session which can support a caregiver's need to learn more about what the care partner living with dementia is experiencing and how to respond.

Rebuild Therapy and Treatment Services LLC

50 years of mental health experience being brought into the homes of Tri-County families to help minimize symptoms and find appropriate ways to work through crisis.

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