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Key of Awesome Music, LLC

From individual lessons (guitar, piano, voice, percussion, bass, ukulele) to group sessions (same instruments as above as well as practicing rhythm, sing-a-long songs applicable to each season/holiday, and sign language practice and review) to live interactive performances (think of this as a live band karaoke where individuals are encouraged to join in on the microphone/with an instrument as we perform together for a group) to community based volunteerism (singing/performing learned songs for folks at a nursing home/assisted living facility), our focus is to improve the quality of life through music.

Recently, this has been with the developmentally disabled, Alzheimer's dementia care units at nursing homes/assisted living facilities, mental health organizations, safe houses, shelters, and drug and alcohol counseling centers. In essence, we are out to bring the best out of those we serve and support, in a fun, educational and free space of self-expression and discovery.

For one-on-one lessons, we are a qualified provider in NJ, so are able to work within people's goods and services budgets as well.

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Last Updated: 09/24/18