Professional Development

HiTOPS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Professional Development Series

12:00 PM - 12:59 PM

HiTOPS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Professional Development Series

HiTOPS offers DEI series aimed at building inclusive & affirming workplaces & communities that support youth, families, and employees. Training is designed for adults in schools, businesses, youth-serving organizations and community groups. Sessions focus on concepts related to gender and sexuality and provide a safe space to learn, ask courageous questions.

Topics include

  • Intro to SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, gender identity, and expression)
  • Say What? Having gender inclusive and affirming conversations
  • LGBTQ+ History and Legislation
  • Being Real: An exploration of Identities and Interpersonalities
  • Gender ROles and Stereotypes through the lifespan
  • the Four Pillars of an Affirming Environment: an exploration of LGBTQ+ Youth and Mental Health
  • A deep dive into the lives of Trans and Non-Binary youth
  • Advanced SOGIE terminology and applications.

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Last Updated: 07/07/23