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LifeTies: Mercer County Family Engagement Program

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LifeTies: Mercer County Family Engagement Program

The Mercer County Family Engagement Program is one of the growing number of Family Engagement Programs throughout the country. This program has been established in response to studies which have shown that involving families of youth involved through the juvenile justice process leads to better outcomes for youth. In addition, treatment interventions that actively engage the youth and their families are known to be the most effective.  It is much more likely that youth with involved families will successfully finish their programs and not offend again.

This voluntary program will help the families access information and services, navigate the juvenile justice system, and advocate for their children in court, with probation, and with their treatment plans.

Youth can access a variety of services:

  • Navigate the Juvenile Justice System
  • Explain Terms and Processes
  • Set Goals to Advocate for their Children
Age Groups
  • Adolescents
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health

Last Updated: 06/17/19